Sunday, July 4, 2010

Coming of Age

Our little fuzzy headed baby that use to peek over the crib bumper in our small heritage halls dorm at BYU is all grown.  She is leaving the kiddie pool of Primary and heading for the big water slides with grown up Young Women ages 12-18... I can't believe this day has already come!  Her first girls camp in two weeks, Junior High in a few more weeks... I can barely keep up with her growth spurts, and lovely mood changes, but she is developing far more gracefully then I ever did.
dad and I are so amazed at the awesome young woman you have become.  We are proud of the way you carry yourself so beautifully.  We know becoming a teenager is full of awkwardness, but as you grow into your skin and figure out who you are, you will someday realize our great love for you, as well as the love God has for you.  Your little brothers all adore you!  What a fantastic wife and mother you will be someday with all the practice you get helping around the house... and as I type this and Tade is marching around with a poopy diaper behind me to the beat of a Beastie Boys song, my heart is full (and so is my nose) knowing that you are my number one lady always rising to whatever is expected of you... whether that means changing a yucky diaper, indulging your crazy mother as she busts a move to a nerdy song, or just being the bigger person in a quarrel.  You are so special to us, and all the talents you have developed and superb character traits like integrity, modesty, and kindness that you possess will bring you to be the best person you can be today and tomorrow.

Addy shared the evening of her birthday with the 4th of July celebrations (the fireworks were all for you girl!), but earlier in the day after she had breakfast in bed and opened some presents, she wanted to take a picnic to the river and walk the dogs.  It was a terrific day spent with our family!

Wanna hear something funny about Addy?
Apparently EVERYONE her age has a cell phone.  She has been begging us for one for quite some time now, and much to her chagrine, I always reply with " Well, if everyone has one then you have plenty to choose from if you need to call me."  She doesn't think that's funny.  But she is so super smart and savvy that she conducts surveys through her email to gather information in support for the speech she will present to influence her parent to do what she wants.  She sent this cute little question out to everyone a few weeks ago... 
The results were mixed.  Of course all her friends answered back that the definite age should be 12... but thankfully the adults came in with higher numbers... although some of you (and you know who you are) were not high enough thank you very much.  I'm obviously trying to hold out as long as I can in all my old fashioned glory... to me there is nothing more obnoxious than a teenager glued to their cell phone... is it really necessary to text your homie that you just sneezed?
So needless to say,
there was many a discussion and debate over this subject,
but then we received an email that was very official and serious...

Her only blunder...
not noticing that it said "Create a Graph" along the top...
I sooo would have been convinced that this very fancy pie chart came directly from the government.
I love you to the moon Addy, but you will not be getting a cell phone for as long as I can help it. 
In my day...
oh never mind.
Please leave a piece of advice for a teenager in the comments section for Addy.



dear addy my soon to be 11 year old has about the same argument as you dawling ... and guess what she aint got one either and wont be getting one soon. cause in our day .... and yep just like your mom never mind. but congrats on this giant coming of age step. you are gorgeous.

Nancy said...

Just be you, be what you're like, be like yourself and have a wonderful time doing it. Or just whistle in the dark. Either way Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!

Sadie said...

Addy! You are such a beautiful, talented hard workin kick butt girl!!! If only I was where you are now at 12 years old! you will go leaps and bounds in life if you stay on this path of awesomeness! I cant believe your going to girls camp this year! You are getting so old! Just remember to be yourself and even if you think its not cool or no one will like you....always do what you know is right!!! And remember you can always call on your favorite aunt for advice on anything!! whatever!
I love you so much! You are so unique and beautiful and always remember that! Happy birthday girlfriend!
oh by the way!...i remember when you were a baby and your mom put your crib in my room one time (i think you guys were visiting or something) and I was pretty young like 12!! anyways I wanted to go to bed but your mom had just put you to bed and you weren't asleep yet but she said just to go in and lay down and not talk to you if you talked to me!
So i went in and thought you were asleep! NOPE!! you popped your adorable little head out of that crib and started jabbering and jibbering away...i couldnt stop kept me up for what seemed like hours! I had no idea what to do but you were so cute i couldnt help but talk back!:) I will never forget that! I LOVE YOU ADD!

Liza said...

Where do I even begin with my dear Addy? Welcome to womenhood! I don't know how much advice you really need but if I needed any at 12, it would have been to always do and remember what your parents have taught you. You're going into Jr. High, it's a scary place and your friends and peers will make decisions you won't always agree with. Remember your standards and keep them high. Your example will shine through to others who are watching you. There's no greater joy than doing what is right. Stay strong and stay close to your parents. One thing I love about your relationship with them is that you can talk to them. What a blessing. Go to them for help and advice. They've been where you are... even though it totally doesn't seem like it, they know what it's like to be faced with hard decisions.

Oh Addy, You are my first niece. I was a little older than you are now, when you were born. We were so excited to have a little niece to dress up and play with. Every time I see you I gasp in awe at how beautiful you have become, just when I thought you couldn't get more beautiful last time I saw you. You're taller, wiser and more mature with each birthday. You have a maturity that I wish I had at 12. You're leaps and bounds ahead of where I was. The way you so effortlessly mother those precious little brothers of yours is humbling. I can't help but stare when they look to you for help or a snuggle. I remember your Mom cried when you were a baby because she loved you so much. I wondered if I'd feel the same when I became a Mom. The joy is indescribable. You've made your parents so happy and so proud. I'm so lucky and blessed you call you my niece. I can't wait to see what the next 12 years of your life brings. It is so fun watching you grow and take new steps in life. The best is still ahead. I love you to pieces.

Gina said...

i tell my 5 year old son (!!!) that he can get a cell phone when he's old enough to have a job to pay for it. :)