Monday, February 1, 2010

hangin' out to help haiti

the kids are always wanting to have late-overs with their friends, and one of my goals this year was to do a major family service project once a month... so i decided to combine the two and let addison and landon invite their friends to gather with us and have a fun night where our focus was on the people of haiti as we made hygiene kits.
each child was asked to contribute toothbrushes and combs, and we provided washcloths, toothpaste and soap. it was so heartwarming to watch each child arrive with their sack full of goodies to put in the kits.
after the kids filled their bellies with some dinner, we gathered in the family room. we discussed the situation in haiti and talked about how blessed we are and how others need our help right now, then we watched a humanitarian video by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. i had goosebumps all over as i observed the kids quietly and reverently watching the video... there was a definite spirit in the room touching their hearts. one child of mine in particular was apprehensive about showing the video since not all the kids were members of our faith... but i assured her that there was nothing offensive in banding together for a common good, and that it may even be an opportunity to open the door in sharing her faith with others. love for mankind is the only common belief you need to have to give service to others.
we then divided the kids into groups-
sixth grade girls put washcloths in the bags
sixth grade boys did bars of soap
fourth grade boys did toothpaste and toothbrushes
third grade boys did the combs

after everyone had finished their jobs, we took a picture with our completed kits. i think the kids were really proud of their accomplishments and the enthusiasm in the house was pretty exciting! they were rewarded with happy feelings... and some sweets. then the different age groups went their seperate ways watching movies, playing games, and raising all sorts of craziness.
bless their hearts.

kids (& baby)-
hygiene kits assembled-
food consumed-
34 waters
8 pizza's
3 bundles of celery
lg. bag of carrots
24 cookies
15 brownies
25 laffy taffy ropes

this is the video we watched...

it's only a little over ten minutes long,



THANK YOU for...

all the donations brought by the children,

soap and toothpaste donated by Melaleuca,

extra supplies purchased

from Mandalay International

and kindly picked up by mama belinda,

crying all evening by the leprechaun,


moral support by papa bear.


Dorey said...

Love this. =)What a great way to get your kids involved in something meaningful. =)

berta said...

Really fabulous and inspiring. You had such a great turn out. I am sure they will never forget it. "It is one of the most beautiful compensations in life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Gloria said...

I love that you get the kids involved! We are having our Grand Opening in Provo and we are donating the proceeds for medical supplies for children in Haiti-it feels good to give!! You are my hero :)

Amanda said...

are you even serious? this is amazing. I can't believe you had so many kids at your house.

Well done Sara!

lawdy said...

really important question regarding service: what is the brownish/taupe ish color in your living room--the room with the yellow curtains? Thanks.

Charisa and Trent said...

what an incredible night Sara!! warm fuzzies all around!!!

Heather said...

FANTASTIC! What a great idea.