Wednesday, October 7, 2009


art by Laurie Smith

for eliza

this photo channels tades inner nacho libre with the snug sweat pants and shirt that has outgrown his belly. i have come to believe that his favorite canine friend who shares similiar facial expressions is actually a brother from another mother. i especially delight in the jelly around the mouth and smell he carried with him when he finally decided to come back in the house.
this photo reminds us that gaps between teeth are usually only acceptable on cute blue eyed two year olds and will be later corrected by lots of painful wire and money.
this photo reflects the pirate in every small boy. observe the way he grips his plastic sword which is ready to strike at the precise moment that you deny him his third chocolate peanut butter granola bar.

september wrap up

September was a busy month and it went by fast!
Two of my boys had birthday's...
one of them sternly requested not to be blogged about...
so I won't post festive pictures of the celebration,
just imagine that we had a grand carnival
complete with elephants, camel rides, and cotton candy...
you'll be non the wiser:)
Nana and Pa (Chris' parents) came to visit over conference weekend, and we relaxed to the inspirational messages while Nana made her chicken soup for the soul. She also had a birthday this month, so the three september birthday's blew out a candle on a fruity tart.
Pregnancy got the best of me more than once last month, and while I was pouting on the couch unable to move my sexy whale-like body, Papa Bear handed me this plate over my shoulder and kissed me gently on the forehead. I was brought to hormonal tears which totally confused the Leprechaun and bewildered the other children...
I love my man and his generosity that arises with perfect timing...
I will reach the end yet.
The kids didn't completely receive my passion for reading when their bodies and spirits were forming in the womb, but luckily they have found a couple of books that keep their attention enough. It warms a mothers heart when books bring about smiles...
even if it is a highly illustrated watered down version.
I've seen more spiders around here than I'd care to remember, and I seem to be the spider whisperer... in other words, the only family member who holds it together enough to smash the culprit into a wall or floor accent while the others scream and flea the scene of the crime.
We had a sweet photo shoot with three of the most photogenic people on this earth. One little girl in particular has more personality and dang cuteness than anyone can handle. All I can say is, watch out world!

I'm almost ready to document the evolution of this blessed house from out of it's cocoon. The wings have a little tweeking more to go... a before and after post will be coming soon!