Wednesday, October 7, 2009

for eliza

this photo channels tades inner nacho libre with the snug sweat pants and shirt that has outgrown his belly. i have come to believe that his favorite canine friend who shares similiar facial expressions is actually a brother from another mother. i especially delight in the jelly around the mouth and smell he carried with him when he finally decided to come back in the house.
this photo reminds us that gaps between teeth are usually only acceptable on cute blue eyed two year olds and will be later corrected by lots of painful wire and money.
this photo reflects the pirate in every small boy. observe the way he grips his plastic sword which is ready to strike at the precise moment that you deny him his third chocolate peanut butter granola bar.


Eliza said...

Okay the way his leg is perfectly hooked over the railing of the staircase... the look in his eye that you just interrupted a moment he was having with taco... his sweat pants and long shirt under his short sleeved shirt... and his puckered lips... oh my heart!