Tuesday, July 21, 2009

freedom celebration

i look forward to this day every year!
all of my family members make a concious effort
to gather back home and be part of a busy day...
early morning parade
(sunscreen and munchies a must,
and dude,
wear your red white and blue)
delicious picnic and bbq
(assignments are diveed,
fine cowboy meats are sampled,
and tummies are full)
pond swimming
(you aren't part of the family till
you jump off the rocks,
and check your buns for leeches)
family runs
(just in case you need to work off the
fattening desserts your sisters slaved over,
don't worry,
now you get to run around the block,
or take part in a killer obstacle course)
river side dinner and fireworks
(get gussied up,
eat more fine foods,
listen to idaho falls symphony,
wrangle a couple of babies,
marvel in the light show set to music,
cry and feel grateful to live in america)


briana said...

ummmm, i thought you were pregnant. are you sure? cause your belly is so flat! just sayin.

onesilentwinter said...


cjphoto2 said...

Fun! I didn't know Emily and Eliza were preggo too! How fun!! What are the other girls having? Boys? ;)

Rachel said...

Oh, what studs are boys are together. So cute! Crew loved seeing these pics. Miss you guys!

SmithDish said...

I wanna bite of everyone of those salads!!!! YUM! I thought horizontal stripes were suppose to accentuate the lumps and bumps! Stupid style myths!:)