Tuesday, July 21, 2009

busy as bee's

but never too busy
to make ooey gooey cinnamon rolls,
poor a tall glass of milk,
plant yourself on the couch,
and watch "so you think you can dance".
sometimes you just have to take a break from summer
craziness before it fly's by,
and you're left to wonder where the time went.
more scrumptiousness in toddler form.
we are finally getting things done at casa del schof.
one room partially painted,
carpet being put in this week,
and final boxes being unpacked.
brothers and blocks
addison had a birthday,
and we celebrated swimming all day
and then eating out as a family that night.
she is one in a million!


wilkinson_fam said...

So good to hear you're still alive and kickin' (after seeing those delicious cinnamon rolls!). Hope you are starting to feel better. Do you know if it is a boy/girl yet?

What a lucky, lucky babe to have a mama like you.

briana said...

it makes me feel better to see that my kids are not the only ones growing up so fast. and what could be better than cinnamon rolls and some SOYO?