Sunday, March 22, 2009


there was a large dark cloud hanging over our new house today. it started to rain. now the rain has turned to hail. the hail is rain again, and i suppose that too will stop soon. symbols. earthly trials roll in and roll out. sometimes with warning, sometimes unannounced.
just before we were supposed to jump in the car on friday to head back to utah to get one more load of things, tade got sick. we waited. he got sick again. we had to make the hard decision that i would stay with him, and chris would go with the two oldest kids and pack up alone. i felt guilty that he had to do all that work alone. that he was up all night finishing packing my silly things. i was sad for tade, and that i couldn't make him feel better. i took him outside bundled in a blanket for some fresh air, and i looked up at the sky in prayer. please help me have the strength to take care of him, please help him to heal, please help the rest of family to stay healthy.
i should know by now that life is not something you can script and plan. today is sunday and he is still sick, with what i don't know. this hail storm is lasting longer than usual, but i know that it has to end like it always does.
our yard is so beautiful when it rains. the branches are swaying, the colors are more vibrant when everything is wet. this rain is going to help things grow.


Jennifer said...

I hope Tade gets better soon. It's been a hard winter season. It seems as one child gets well another falls to sickness. You're right though. It will end.

wilkinson_fam said...

Oh Sweet Girl -

I have felt that worry and lament for my sick babies SO MANY times. There is nothing that makes you feel more helpless nor rely on the Lord MORE than when your little ones are fighting illness. Here's hoping that the storm - rain or snow - will pass and that with the warmth of the sun will come renewed health and happiness.

P.S. LOVE your new yard. It looks like a dream!

Danielle said...

In Thailand there is no snow or hail, but the people work for 11-12 hours a day in sweltering heat for next to nothing, often their small children by their side. They smile, bow and greet tourists that swarm their beaches. A taxi driver said, "One day the ocean looked funny, one minute tourists, my family, my friends, my colleagues were walking around, within minutes everything changed and the new coastline was covered in bodies."