Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Emily is a sweet and hilariously clever woman I met through a blog swap, and is living with her American family in Japan.  She has written updates on the state of their area and the amazing things people around them are doing to help eachother.  Just today she was able to "deliver" hugs to two girls staying at the Misawa Air Force Base... from their mothers.  Emily's thoughts into what you really find yourself needing after a natural disaster are so interesting and made me rethink our preparedness.  I was explaining to my son the other day that living in Idaho we won't find ourselves in the same situation as coastal parts of Japan, but we should be prepared for any emergency just the same.


Sadie Jane said...

I love her blog!! This really helps us understand what is truly going on over there!! I think i'm going to post about this on my blog so people can learn about this and we can get the word out. Thanks for posting this Sara!