Monday, March 9, 2009

sass in ol' diego

get away,
find peace,
be better.

there are spare pockets of time in the years since our new life with a blended family that i've spent personal time with mother hen and all of my sisters at once. this is a struggle for me being the guilt prone person that i am, i have felt like the exclusion of our husbands, kids, or new sisters would overshadow the joy of being with those who know me best. but the reality is, we are blessed to have understanding families who realize that these moments are important, and that it's healthy for us to be able to visit the past and converse about painful and happy memories. our talks help me understand why i do the things i do, my faults and strengths, and how i have the choice to make my own happiness despite what others do around me.

i'm overwhelmed by the learning moments that always happen when i'm with my mother. she reminds me to be thankful, and SHOW my thankfulness through service, temple work, and sabbath worship. how easy it would have been to sleep in late and go shopping every morning instead of making the small sacrafice of going to the temple and sacrament meeting... i would have missed some very humbling and tender spiritual moments. she makes me want to be a better person, and isn't that what mom's are for? she leads by example, but also gives kind reminders when i'm off track. i know no matter my age, that i will always admire her...
she is an angel on earth.


sunshine. tableside guacamole. do you taste alcohol in this? i'm on my second wing. i stopped watching disney like four months ago when i got married. cuh cah. i'm aware that i may pass the veil. you have 50% chance of survival when you give birth. wait for it... remember the orange thermostat? french twins. painted toes under the curtain. turn the other leaf. you're winning me up. does it look squidy? i'm feeling it. see's. this is sooo you. who likes sushi? mmmmm. he got his breakfast out of the garbage. three layer hummus. blackberries. just let me think. you'll have to speak up. hide in the bathroom. picture the cowboy to the music. vampires. wait till you see her boyfriend. favorite things. the cinnamon bun is best. there really was no secret ingredient in the chocolate chip cookies was there? 3 cheers for sadie. i love that man. target. "l"as in laramie "d" as in danny "s" as in sissy. what do you want to do? you have no idea how excited i am. cheesecake factory. cpk. i don't think that's right. tropical tye dye's. wait for it... under or over. out of body experience. you look like you just woke up from a three hour nap. cobb salad. mom's favorite things. stop bouncing. tjmaxx. i know what you're getting wink wink. texting. are you ready to order:) calling. change the channel. i need to go again. your sister can see you. late night talks. trader joe's. don't judge. be thankful. love everyone. choose how to feel. the survivors club.
weekend sountrack


Nancy said...

Hey, I was in San Diego this weeked too. Just got back and my children and screaming, hitting, slamming doors and acting like I've never been gone.

Liza said...

Remind me to never take a side photo of my large and in charge gazangaz again. I'm peeing my pants reading this... no really...

I love your soul

Heather said...


That is a lot of good lookin' ladies for just one picture.